TIBCO Clarity Cloud - Data Cleansing and Transformation Software

Quick, Interactive Data Cleansing

Visually discover, cleanse and transform your data

Looming deadlines? Too much raw data?

Spend less time preparing and cleaning your data and more time using it
Collect raw data from any source and format it for use by any application

Gather Data

Whether your data comes from a database, the cloud, or your computer (or anywhere else!), you can pull it in to start cleaning it up.

Discover & Profile Data

Don't know much about your dataset? You can now visualize trends, outliers, and patterns in your dataset


Refine your dataset by creating validation rules from the patterns you've identified

Column A
Column B
Column C
The highlighted data doesn't match the data type. Please modify this data.
This data is valid.

Cleanse & Transform Data

Remove duplicates, check addresses, and format your dataset

John Doe
Doe John
Last NameFirst Name
Doe John
3307 Hillview Ave, Palo Alto
3307 Hillview Avenue, CA 94304
StreetCityStateZIP code
3307 Hillview AvePalo AltoCA94304
3307 Hillview Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304

Export Clean Data

Your data is cleaned up and ready to go

Automate Data Cleansing

Configure once and reuse the same steps for new data in your dataset